Top action movies of hollywood

Looking for some action .This list is about Top action movies of hollywood you must watch in your free time. These action movies are based on IMDB ratings.

action movies of hollywood

1.Mission Impossible : Rogue nation(2015)

 Rating : 7.4/10

 Ethan and his team take the most impossible mission ever.

Starring: Tom Cruise , Rebecca  ferguson , jeremy Renner ,Simon pegg
Directed by: Christopher Mcquarrie

2. Mission impossible : Fallout(2018)

   Rating: 7.8/10

   Ethan hunt his IMF team after a mission gone wrong.

   Starring: Tom cruise ,Henry Cavill , Ving Rhames ,Simon pegg.
   Directed by : Christopher Mcquarrie

3. Sicario(2015) 

    Rating: 7.6/10
    An FBI agent is enlisted by the government task force.

    Starring: Emily blunt , josh brolin ,Benicio del toro ,jon bernthal
    Directed by:Denis villeneuve

4. Sicario : day of the soldado(2018)

    Rating: 7.1/10
    The drug war on the US-mexico border has escalated as the cartels have begin terrorists trafficking      across the borders.

    Starring:Benicio del toro , Josh brolin ,isabela merced ,Jefferey donovan
    Directed by:Stefano sollima

5. Dawn of the planet of apes (2014) 
    Rating: 7.6/10

    A nation of apes led by caesar is threatened by a human survivor.
    Starring: Gary oldman , keri russell , Andy serkis ,kodi smit-mcphee
    Directed  by:Matt reeves

    The  two more parts of the same franchise Rise of planets of apes(2011) and War on the planets of      apes (2017) are also included in the list of action movies of hollywood.

6. The Bourne ultimetum(2007)

    Rating :8/10
    Jason bourne a CIA officer and his teammates from a new assassination program  while searching for the origin of life.

    Starring:Matt damon,  edgar Ramirez ,joan allen ,julia stiles
    Directed by:Paul greengrass

7. Star trek (2009)

    Rating : 7.9/10
    a vengeful roman from the future creates blackhole to destroy a planet.

    Starring: chris pine , zachary quinto ,simon pegg, leonard nimoy
    Directed by : JJ abhrams

8. Star trek into darkness(2013)
    Rating :7.7/10
    after the crew of enterprise finds an unstoppable terror force from within their own organization.
    Starring:chris pine , zachary quinto, Zoe saldana ,benedict cumberbatch
    Directed by: JJ Abhrams

9. Star trek beyond( 2016)

    Rating : 7.1/10

    The crew of USS enterprise explore the uncharted space.

     Starring: chris pine , zachary quinto , karl urban , Zoe saldana
     Directed by: justin lin

10. X men (2000)

      Rating: 7.4/10

      in the era of mutants who stands with humans and fight against other mutants .

      Starring: Patrick stewart , hugh jackman , Ian mckellen , famke janssen
      Directed by :Bryan singer

       The X men series consists of 5 more parts after Xmen (2000) . I recommend you to watch it definitely as listed :

  • X men : X-men united(2003)
  • X men : Last stand(2006)
  • X men : first class( 2011)
  • X men : Days of future past(2014)
  • X men : apocalypse(2016)

11. Rush (2013)

      Rating:  8.1/10

      rivalry between two formula one racers james hunt and niki lauda.

      Starring: daniel bruhl , chris hemsworth ,olivia wilde , Alexandra maria lara
      Directed by:Ron Howard.

12. Ford vs Ferrari (2019)

      Rating :8.3/10

      Starring: matt damon , christian bale ,jon bernthal ,caitriona balfe
      Directed by: James mangold

13. The Raid Redemption (2011)

       Rating: 7.6 /10

       A SWAT team becomes trapped in a tenement run by a ruthless mobstar and his army of killers and thugs.

       Starring: Iko Uwais ,ananda george ,Ray sahetapy ,donny alamsyah
       Directed by:Gareth evans

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